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April 24, 2019,   1:30 PM

World’s First “Ministry Of Possibilities” Launches In The UAE

Jamila Gandhi



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The UAE government launched another world first on Tuesday—a virtual Ministry of Possibilities (MoP).

According to a tweet by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the MoP is a: “virtual ministry, administered by the cabinet, will address pressing national portfolios and build future government systems”.

The newly established and unconventional Ministry will function without a formal minister and will instead be run entirely by Cabinet members.

Located in Emirates Towers in Dubai, the MoP consists of four departments with specific directives issued by Sheikh Mohammed: Anticipatory Services; Behavioral Rewards; UAE Talent; and Government Procurement.

Identified plans include designing a point-based rewards system wherein individuals will be able to collect points to use as payments for government services as well as an online platform to promote SMEs, making procurement faster and more accessible.

In line with a strategy to make the UAE the most innovative nation in the region, the naming of the new Ministry is a nod towards the word “impossible” being absent from the country’s dictionary. Design thinking and experimentation will be at the forefront to develop radical solutions, instilling “possible” into the government’s daily routines.

“The UAE leadership continues to reinforce the concept of the possible in all sectors of life, dedicating all possible capabilities, resources, energies and, most importantly, the willpower to defy the impossible,” added Sheikh Mohammed.

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