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March 14, 2019,   8:01 AM

Will Foldable Phones Take Over?

Hisham Ibrahim


foldable phone

Image source: Shutterstock

It looks like foldable phones are not exclusive to Samsung or Huawei, as Apple, Microsoft and TCL have entered the race, and it is going to be a fierce competition.

BuildFeed, a website dedicated to news from Microsoft, has announced a Microsoft build that is dedicated to foldable phones. This release comes in parallel with Microsoft’s release of the “Core OS”, built on modular algorithm, which targets electronic devices other than mobile devices.

Dell, also announced that it applied for a patent for a foldable phone, which will be working on the Windows 10 operating system. The device will support three different screens—two inner and one outer. Lenovo also announced a foldable phone patent that will run on Windows 10—a prototype of the phone has appeared in CompuTex event and it has a 13-inch screen

Chinese manufacturer, TCL, has announced that it is entering the mobile devices market with the most flexible phone concept. The phone is anticipated to hit the markets in 2020, but TCL is taking a different turn with its foldable smart phone.

TCL is trying to make its phone more than just a foldable phone, with multiple folding options that mean it can also be worn as a smart watch. If TCL achieves this successfully, we will see a new era of wearable devices.

Apple has also announced that it has filed for a patent for a foldable phone, however we still do not know anything about it. It is expected to hit the market with the next generation of iPhones, which we may not see until Apple introduce its 5G-supported device.  What could make this possible is the foldable screens prototypes that Samsung has shared with Apple.

Foldable phones are the new craze of the year, as all the major companies are now following in the steps of Samsung and Huawei. The question remains, are these phones practical or just a sight for the eye?

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