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July 10, 2019,   9:35 AM

Transforming Logistics Via Disruptive Tech

Waleed Hmidan

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Ramesh S. Ramakrishnan, Chairman of Transworld Group, reveals his plans to disrupt the market and offer individually stylized solutions to tackle consumer needs.

“Transworld Group is driven with the concept of delivering prosperity, not only to our shareholders, but to everyone connected to our business. We are in the business of shipping and logistics, and have been working for around 42 years. We started in India, but now we work in most corners of the world, predominantly in the sub-Indian continent and the Middle East.

"Today, what everybody expects is timely delivery and consistent updates of what is happening. That means that you have to be in the space of digital technology to be continuously in connect with the customer. I think it is very critical to understand the customer's challenge. I think we need to go to the custom's customer first and understand their pain points, once those pain points are understood we can create tailor made solutions. At the end of the day, that’s what differentiates us between what’s happening in the marketplace and what we can offer our clients.

"We need to be using technology in every possible way, because we all know that disruption does not come internally, but from an external force. So, it is important that the technologies we use must be extremely disruptive against what’s happening elsewhere. Today, we are embracing digital technology in a big way, and we have gotten into an agreement with Oracle - a program called “Transformation in Motion” - where we are trying to change the way we do business and approach. And that is going to change the way logistics happen in this region and in the sub Indian sub-continent region.

Our values are integrity, respect, customer centrality and transparency.”

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