October 14, 2019,   6:56 PM

Top 10 Wealthiest Americans In Technology

Samar Khouri


mackenzie bezos

Technology tycoons predominantly take over the first half of the Forbes 400 richest Americans list this year. Those that made it to the list are worth a record-breaking $2.96 trillion in total—up 2.2% from 2018. Mackenzie Bezos and 18 other newcomers made it to the list.

Here are the top 10 wealthiest Americans in technology:

Jeff Bezos
Net worth:
$114 billion
Source: Amazon

For the second year in a row, and even though he lost a quarter of his technology conglomerate’s shares in his divorce settlement in April, the CEO and founder of Amazon is still the wealthiest American with a total net worth of $114 billion, earning him the top spot on the Forbes 400 list. Jeff Bezos owns nearly a 12% stake of the e-commerce juggernaut, which he founded in 1994 in his garage. He also owns daily newspaper The Washington Post, which he bought for $250 million, and aerospace company Blue Origin, which he bought for $500 million.

Bill Gates
Net worth:
$106 billion
Source: Microsoft

Bill Gates made it to the second place on the wealthiest Americans list. The business magnate founded Microsoft, the world's largest software business, with Paul Allen in 1975. Alongside his wife Melinda, Gates set up the world's largest private charitable foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in 2000 and has donated $35.8 billion of Microsoft’s stocks.

Mark Zuckerberg
Net worth:
$69.6 billion
Source: Facebook

Despite facing another year of criticism, Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg is still the third wealthiest person in the US, with a net worth of $69.6 billion. In July, his company was fined a record-high of $5 billion by the Federal Trade Commission for violating consumers' privacy. He was also ranked in third place on Forbes’ Innovative Leaders 2019 list.

Larry Ellison
Net worth:
$65 billion
Source: software

Orcale’s cofounder, Larry Ellison, made it to the list at number five. Though he stepped down as CEO in 2014, he is still the chairman of the board and chief technology officer. He later joined Tesla’s board after purchasing $3 million of Tesla’s shares last December.

Larry Page
Net worth:
$55.5 billion
Source: Google

With a net worth of $55.5 billion, Alphabet’s CEO, Larry Page, is the sixth richest American in the world. Google was founded by Page and fellow Stanford student Sergey Brin while they studied for advanced degrees in computer science in 1998. Not only does he run the parent company of Google, he is also the CEO of healthcare firm Verily, autonomous vehicle unit Waymo, and others. He also made it to the Billionaires 2019 list and the Powerful People 2018, ranking in 10th place.

Sergey Brin
Net worth:
$53.5 billion

In seventh place is Sergey Brin, co-founder of American multinational technology company, Google. The 46-year-old has an estimated worth of $53.5 billion. Brin is also president of Alphabet, Waymo and other subsidiaries, and is the richest immigrant in America. He is said to be funding a high-tech airship project in in Silicon Valley.

Steve Ballmer
Net worth:
$51.7 billion
Source: Microsoft

Steve Ballmer is the ninth richest American in the world, with a $51.7 billion net worth. He was the chief executive officer of Microsoft for 14 years. After leaving the company in 2014, he bought the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association for $2 billion. Last year, he invested $59 million in software company, Social Solutions.

MacKenzie Bezos
Net worth:
$36.1 billion

Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife of 25 years, MacKenzie Bezos, made to the list for the first time, at number 15, making her the richest American women in technology. They finalized their divorce in a $38 billion settlement this year. Jeff gave away 25% of Amazon’s stake to her during the settlement. She is the founder of Bystander Revolution, an anti-bullying organization, which she set up in 2014.

Michael Dell
Net worth:
Dell computers

At 18th place, Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies since 2016, has a net worth of $32.3 billion. The Dell Technologies and computer storage giant’s merger with EMC was the biggest ever technology acquisition, estimated at $60 billion in total. The tech tycoon was also ranked 25 on Forbes’ Billionaires 2019 list.

Laurene Powell Jobs & family
Net worth:
$21.3 billion
Apple, Disney

Laurene Powell Jobs is the 22nd wealthiest American. She has been the founder and President of the Emerson Collective since the second half of 2016. The wife of the late Apple cofounder, Steve Jobs, has purchased various media outlets such as the Atlantic magazine and Popup Magazine, as well as inherited billions of dollars of stock from conglomerates Apple and Disney.

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