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July 14, 2019,   3:50 PM

The Top 5 Growing Travel Destinations From the UAE

Waleed Hmidan

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We met with Kathryn Wallington, Country Manager of the UAE for Travelport, at the Arabian Travel Market. She revealed the top 5 growing travel destinations for tourists from the UAE.

"Travelport is a global distribution company, we're an e-commerce travel platform. We have offices here in the UAE and GCC as well as around the world. We distribute airline fares and content through our system, as well as hotel bookings and car rentals as well.

"We just finished an analysis we have been conducting for the past 12 months, we've seen that there are top 5 growing destinations from here in the UAE - they are Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia. 

"Pakistan has grown by 130,000 bookings, which is a 31% increase. We've also seen an increase in airline capacity, which is driven by the demand of people wanting to go there. For Nepal, we've seen an increase of 26,000 bookings over the last year.

"Ethipoia has been voted by WTTC as the fastest global growing destination with a 46% increase.

"We have a great relationship with Saudi, we have seen a lot of traffic and tourism go to Saudi, and if you look at Saudi's 2030 vision you will see that they have a big stake in tourism within that vision."

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