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April 23, 2019,   4:33 PM

The New Old Way YouTube Wants To Make Money

Hisham Ibrahim



YouTube, which is owned by Google, is the hugest online portal for sharing videos and live stream, with an estimated 400 hours uploaded to the platform every minute. Creatives from all over the world use YouTube to stream their visual content.

Over the years YouTube has tried to offer new subscription services, such as YouTube TV, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Kids and YouTube Go. Now we have YouTube Premium—a paid service.

What has made YouTube so popular is that it is free to use. You can navigate, view, upload or create trillions of hours without any limitation, but with advertisements popping up. Now it is offerings you a way to view all of YouTube without ads.

YouTube Premium is not a new product—you may know it from its old name, YouTube Red, or the even older name, Music Key, which allowed users to listen to music on YouTube for free.

The price has not changed from the YouTube Red days, with subscription at $10 per month, except for Apple users, who will need to pay $13.

YouTube Premium users will have access to a wide variety of features:

YouTube Originals

YouTube is offering its own series, which you can watch with a YouTube Premium subscription. The list so far is short, but the producers working with YouTube are quite famous, such as PewDiePie and the Paul Brothers.

Ad-free viewing

One of the most sought-after features is being able to watch anything you like without any annoying ads interrupting your viewing.

Google Play Music

YouTube will offer Google’s huge playlist of 30 million tracks with YouTube Premium. Google has announced that it will merge Play Music with YouTube music later this year.

Offline View

All of YouTube’s videos and playlists will be available to download for offline viewing.

With this new subscription method, YouTube is trying to compete with Spotify or Apple Music, plus include extra features for users, who are the ones that will benefit in the end from all of this competition.

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