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July 15, 2019,   5:07 PM

The Most Preferred Spots For Staycations In The UAE

Nermeen Abbas


global village

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The appetite of Travelers towards staycations—a shorter holiday within one’s own country of residence or day trips exploring destinations in one’s own city—is on the rise across the UAE, with around 54% of residents preferring to take staycations visiting an amusement or water park, according to new research conducted by YouGov.

YouGov polled 1,007 residents in the UAE in April using its panel of over 6 million people worldwide.

The research shows that after amusement parks, a trip to a nature or wildlife retreat is the second most preferred type of staycation by UAE residents (45%), followed by an adventure or sports-related outing (40%).

YouGov BrandIndex, the daily brand tracking tool, showed that Global Village is the top amusement park in the UAE with an Index score of 38.9, followed by Ferrari World Abu Dhabi (27.6) and Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi (20.6).

Over a third (35%) of the survey’s respondents said they liked taking luxury-related trips and 28% prefer going to special events or concerts in the county.

Comparatively, staycations that are wellness-related and spiritual in nature are less popular among the UAE’s residents, with only 19% and 18% of residents taking to them.

YouGov’s research also found that the preference for a staycation seems to vary according to one’s place in the family life cycle. Although an amusement park is the top preference of all, single people and married couples without children are more likely than families with children to choose an adventurous outing (45% vs 36%).

Meanwhile, families are more likely than those without children to pick nature (48% vs 42%) and luxury-related trips (38% vs 32%) for short getaways.

According to the study, almost 69% have taken a staycation at least once in the last year, with just 29% claiming to have taken such a break two to four times a year.

Arab travelers seem to be the most rejuvenated, with 21% saying they took more than ten staycations in the last year. Nearly 45% of the survey’s respondents are likely to consider Dubai for their next trip within the emirates, while 39% are considering Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi (37%) and Fujairah (34%).



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