June 16, 2019,   2:14 PM

The Future Of Education Is Clicks, Not Bricks

Waleed Hmidan

Waleed is a filmmaker with a dozen short films in his filmography, some of which have been featured... FULL BIO

Kamal Puri , Founder & President of Skyline University College, Sharjah, joined us for our Forbes Higher Education Awards event in April. On the sidelines, he spoke to us about his perspective on the future of the sector and what makes his institute unique.

"Skyline University College is one of the oldest institutes in the UAE - we were established in the year 1990. In the last three years, we have emphasized integrating technology. We also established an Innovation Lab around six years ago. We have included courses like AI, Augmented Reality and robotics.

"Technology is evolving at a very fast pace. I personally believe education will not remain in bricks, but it will be bricks and clicks - and clicks will take over."

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