October 1, 2019,   9:58 AM

Serial Entrepreneur Sigurd Vedal’s Top Tips for Struggling Entrepreneurs

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Serial entrepreneur Sigurd Vedal is a successful entrepreneur who owns Norwegian firm, Vedal Holding Group, which has more than 15 world-renowned companies and brands.

Vedal used to be like many aspiring entrepreneurs. The only difference is that he took action to realize his dreams to become a self-made millionaire. In the past year, the businessman has made it his mission to help struggling entrepreneurs find their way to financial freedom and success just like he did.

Below are Vedal’s top tips for new or struggling entrepreneurs who want to turn their companies into profitable businesses and become true moneymakers.

1) Believe in Yourself

You are never going to be successful at running your business venture if you don’t first believe in yourself. After all, how can you have confidence that your business will be successful if you possess a low opinion of yourself? It is never going to happen.

You must believe in the skills, abilities, and knowledge that you bring to your business. This will give you the confidence to not give up and to keep trying hard at running your business until it is a success.

2) Social Media Marketing

Building a list of followers and connections on social media is the best way for any modern business to thrive. Vedal recommends Instagram as a great way to create dialogue and build relationships between you and your prospective customers. Once you have a network of followers, it’ll be easier to convert them into customers.

You can also utilize the power of Facebook and Twitter too. These are powerful social media platforms that allow you to easily connect with people and keep them updated on the latest news and products of your company.

3) Find Love

Your personal health and happiness can have a profound impact on your ability to manage a company. If you don’t already have love in your life, then you need to try and find love. It will bring a lot of positivity to your life and help you do a better job of making positive decisions for your company.

4) Content Marketing

Your company must produce rich and valuable content for your prospective audience. Text content is okay, but you must have more video, image, and audio content to capture people’s attention. And, of course, the content must be relevant to your company and whatever it is promoting. You can publish this content on social media and your company website.

5) Have a Passion

Most importantly, you need to have a passion for your business and the product or service that it sells. If you don’t have this passion, then you’ll lose interest in your business rather quickly once you experience the slightest hardships. But if you have a passion for what you’re doing, then you’ll be eager to fight through the hardships and find the path to financial success.



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