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March 5, 2018,   11:51 AM

Sarwa: Fintech Around Here Is Kind Of A Buzzword

Carla Sertin


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Mark Chahwan started Sarwa with his co-founder Jad Sayegh to popularize robo-advisors in the Middle East. But there are obstacles standing in the path to success, including the region's misunderstandings about how robo-advisors work, regulations and a general mistrust of technology, particularly when it comes to money. Still, Chahwan and Sarwa's Head of Wealth Advisory Dany Jabbour tell us that there is curiosity around robo-advisors, in part due to fintech's rising popularity in the Middle East.

Sarwa ranks at 20 on our list of the Top 20 Fintech Startups In The Middle East. Chahwan and Sayegh are also featured on Forbes Middle East's inaugural list of the Arab 30 Under 30.

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