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July 14, 2019,   12:02 PM

Marine Tourism Brings New Opportunities for Arab Tourists

Waleed Hmidan

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We met with Mohamed Saeed, General Manager of Royal Caribbean International, at the Arabian Travel Market in April. He highlighted the advantages of marine tourism and the influx of tourists that it brings into the region.

"The unique concept of marine tourism is evolving constantly in the GCC, It's suitable for Arab tourists because it allows them to visit different destinations from one place because the cruise ship acts as a floating hotel, so the tourist can visit multiple destinations on one course. Unlike traditional air or land travel, marine tourism allows for the hotel to move with you.

"Another advantage in taking a cruise is the all-inclusive ticket price, your choice of cabin or suite as well as meals and on-board entertainment is all included in the price as well as tours outside the ship to discover landmarks at the destination.

"As for incoming tourism, the Dubai and Abu Dhabi hub represents the hotspot in winter and this hub yearly attracts around 850,000 tourists from different parts of the world Our target is one million marine touristsincoming to the hub by 2020."

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