2018-10-31 @ 11:18:00

Top 50 Indian Executives 2018

The Indian community is the most populous expat community in the Gulf, and probably the most successful too. Many are long time residents of the region, having come to the Gulf much before the advent of oil that prospered the local economies.

Indians today play a significant role in the GCC as they helm businesses that form a backbone of the regional economies. Billionaires of Indian origin, based in the Gulf, have a collective net worth of $26.4 billion, according to Forbes’ World’s Billionaires 2018.

Indian executives too have flourished in corporates across the region. Many hold top tier roles in local, multinational as well as government-owned companies. Under Sunil Kaushal, Standard Chartered has become the top bond arranger in the region, while Amit Jain is the CEO of the region’s largest listed real estate company Emaar.


  • 1 # Sanjiv Kakkar
  • 2 # Kalyana Sivagnanam
  • 3 # Adnan Chilwan
  • 4 # Amit Jain
  • 5 # Prasanth Manghat
  • 6 # Amit Kaushal
  • 7 # Sunil Kaushal
  • 8 # Arun Khehar
  • 9 # Raghu Malhotra
  • 10 # Tariq Chauhan