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May 2, 2019,   3:41 PM

Like It But Don’t Trust It? 55% Of Middle East Leaders Pilot AI, But Only For Easy Choices

Claudine Coletti

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62% of Middle East executives believe AI is emerging rapidly in their industry and 60% say their company has identified AI as a key enabler for future success, according to a State of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Middle East report from Forbes Insights released in partnership with Ai Everything.

Forbes surveyed more than 100 C-Suite executives from across the Middle East and found that over half (55%) have already started to pilot AI projects within their companies and 26% have already implemented AI solutions within certain departments and business units.

This puts the Middle East ahead of its global counterparts, from which only 20% said they have already introduced AI solutions.

“The top three reasons Middle Eastern executives are implementing AI are to improve operational efficiency, customer experience and enhance customer acquisition,” said William Thompson, Publisher of Forbes AI.

However, despite the regional drive to AI, it does not come without its challenges. 35% of respondents worry about the available talent in the market with the right level of AI expertise. Other issues included identifying where to start with implementation and improvements in data governance and management, which is concerning 32% and 30% of leaders respectively.

Surprisingly, although the Middle East is leading in adopting AI, is it behind global counterparts when it comes to trusting it. Half of the leaders surveyed said they were unsure that the technology is able to make the right decisions, and only trust it to make low-level routine decisions, such as flagging errors, sending notifications or managing system performances. Globally, companies have more faith, with 64% trusting AI systems to make high-level or strategic decisions for the company.

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