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October 7, 2019,   3:47 PM

Joker Laughing All The Way To The Bank With $234M Debut

Samar Khouri


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Source: Warner Bros.

"Joker” has broken box office records, making an estimated $93.5 million in its October opening weekend in North America and $140.5 million from 73 international markets—$234 million in total.

More than quadrupling its $55 million budget, the dark supervillain drama also had the fourth largest opening for an R-rated feature film and for a Warner Bros movie this year.

Directed, co-written and produced by Oscar nominee Todd Phillips, “Joker” took home the Golden Lion award for best film at the 2019 Venice Film Festival before its theatrical release.

Despite sparking controversy due to its hard-hitting depiction of violence and mental illness, it was the highest-grossing movie for October, shattering the $80 million debut record held by Sony Pictures’ 2018 superhero film, “Venom”.

According to Box Office Mojo, the United Arab Emirates brought in $2.7 million to the box office and is one of the countries – and only Arab country - that marked the largest overseas opening for a Warner Bros.

Here are the top 5 North America opening weekends in October:

  1. Joker (2019 - $93.5 million)
  2. Venom (2018 - $80 million)
  3. Halloween (2018 - $76,22 million)
  4. Gravity (2013 - $55.78 million)
  5. The Martian (2015 - $54.30 million)

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