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July 10, 2019,   1:34 PM

Huawei Introduces Its Own OS In The Wake Of Its Ban Reprieve

Hisham Ibrahim



Despite an official announcement from the U.S. Commerce Secretary confirming a blacklist reprieve for Huawei and its US supply chain, the Chinese giant isn’t taking anything for granted, with CEO Ren Zhengfei officially announcing that Huawei is creating its own operating system—the HongMengOS.

According to Zhengfei, Huawei’s OS is 60% faster than Android, with a processing delay of five milliseconds. This is faster than Windows, MacOS and Android, which is currently at 7.6 milliseconds processing delay.

The OS will not be limited to smartphones only, but will also connect to smart devices, ranging from cars to smartphones and even desktops.

However, with all these bright promises, the HongMengOS is missing an alternative for Google Play. Google Play currently has over 3 billion applications, but Huawei’s App store still lacks a lot of this library.

The HongMengOS will not come with essential apps from Google, like Google Maps, Gmail or Chrome. Users will have to download them from the App Store, where Google may not offer them for the new OS.

Even though Huawei is able to use Android again, it is still aware of the importance of its own OS, even demonstrating it to other Chinese manufacturers like Oppo and Vivo.

Huawei will try now to build an App Library for its app store. This may prove tough as companies may not want to hire new developers to transfer their apps to a new OS, with a new payment gateway. In the end it may depend on the core Huawei uses for the OS, and even when the OS is initially released.

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