May 22, 2019,   3:39 PM

How To Follow Your Signals To Leadership

Sreedhar Bevara

Sreedhar is an alumna of IIM Ahmedabad and is currently General Manager at Panasonic. Sreedhar’s latest book "Moment of Signal" was launched in New York City in 2018. FULL BIO


Growth in leadership is not just about achievement, connections, authority or even position. As a leader, the path to growth is surrounded on all sides with signals. Not only on the outside, but also inside of us.

Developing an aptitude for sensing “moments of signal” along the journey is key to navigating from where we are to where we want to be as a leader. Once we’re there, sensing these signals will help us continue to develop our potential into skills on par with history’s greatest leaders.

To stay ahead, one must make every effort to stay relevant. What matters most are the choices we make and actions we take. To make sound choices, we must have a full view of what is seen and unseen to be able to visualize the outcome and the consequences attached to it.

For the unseen there are signals we can choose from, based on what we can tangibly feel and experience. We have to live in the present, while thinking ahead.

There are challenges along the way, with at least a half the world struggling to even make two meals a day. Amidst all this, what drives us to think beyond? What motivates us to lead a life that can be progressive? What are the signals that can help us make better choices and let us act effectively? 

You can learn secrets from some of the world’s most notable people about how they got to their position, how they select and encourage the best people, and how they turn crisis into opportunity at every turn. The great news is that these signals are available to everyone.

Being passionate is a no-brainer, but only guided efforts can yield better results. How can passion fuel one to stay top and afloat? It is strongly connected to our approach and outlook regarding the environment we want to thrive in. Our outlook can help us sense signals easily in our own lives and become the greatest leaders we can be.

Pushing yourself to your limits will help unlock your goals. Remember that without extreme effort you are unlikely to achieve your desired results. More intensity brings more possibilities. Signals become more visible during challenges or challenging situations, and catching the right one is key to making the right choice.

In such a journey kindness is one of the greatest leadership qualities that enables one to look beyond. It allows one to be courageous, appreciate the acts of others abundantly and collaborate with people towards greater objectives. Help is an act of leadership. Stay a leader.

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