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May 16, 2019,   10:21 AM

How This Company Is Using VR To Revamp Learning

Hisham Ibrahim



Mainstream educational method has started to become obsolete. Educational institutions and tutors, and even students, try hard to find new and more interactive and advanced methods.

Virtual Reality, VR in short, is the state of creating a Virtual world around your real world, which will allow users to dive into that world as if it was real. The implementation of this technology have spread from video games to mobile and web applications, and now it has entered the realm of education.

TomVR, a Lebanese company that provides VR experiences in video games or events, has taken a new path for VR, using it for educational purposes. Creating an interactive method for learning and teaching is more intriguing and enthusiast way to learn other than the traditional way.

Fadi Tom, the founder and CEO of TomVR, told Forbes Middle East at the sidelines of Lebanon-based international technological exhibition SmartEx: ”Integrating VR with education was the most interesting method of learning for students, as now we got them to Play to Learn”.  Creating a VR environment for educational courses, created a way for the students to, finally, see what they learn about.

Human Nervous System or Human Digest system is samples of how TomVR is using the technology to teach students. But it is not limited to this, as the company was able to create an interactive solar system, where students may visit the solar system’s planets and interact with them.

“The experience was amusing, and students loved it,” says Fadi.

TomVR did not only create educational paths in VR. The company also created education video games that allow students to learn while they are playing, offering a unique experience for the students adding fun to learning process.


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