June 7, 2019,   12:33 AM

How Former NFL Player Thomas Beattie Turned A Personal Tragedy Into Entrepreneurial Success

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thomas beettie

Thomas Beattie is a former professional football player turned entrepreneur. He was born in Yorkshire, England, but currently resides in Singapore. He graduated from Limestone College in the state of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education (2009) and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology (2010).   

After playing football for Hull City FC in England, Beattie received a scholarship to attend college in South Carolina. While there, he became one of the most decorated student-athletes that the school had ever seen. He was a first team all-American athlete. Following his college graduation, Beattie played professional football all over the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, China and India.

During the 2015/16 season, Beattie’s football career abruptly came to an end after he suffered a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage during one of his games. He needed 10 surgeries to repair his forehead, cheek, eye sockets and nose. Aged 29, Beattie was forced to find a new career path.

Beattie had always been interested in technology, so he started his own mobile app company, Ovvy. After it launched, the app quickly became the most downloaded app from Singapore. It got funding of up to $1 million SGD and currently employs 15 people. Raising an additional $250,000, Beattie next set up Hygiene Hub, which offers a customized hygiene solution for gyms, malls, hotels, restaurants, and other public establishments. It currently employs six people and is preparing to receive series A funding.

Beattie went on to create eight more companies after that. Aside from Hygiene Hub and Ovvy, Beattie founded Latent Epicure, Samara Capital Investments, Shake Farm, Chow Social, Roquepress, Sankalpa Group, Alexa Homes UK, and TB6. The latter, TB6, holds all of Beattie’s equity.

When Beattie suffered his skull fracture, he never thought that he’d soon become one of the top entrepreneurs in Asia, taking in roughly $10 million per year in revenue. He has now also been named one of Singapore’s “Most Eligible Bachelors of 2019.”

Looking back, Beattie describes his football tragedy as a “beautiful nightmare.” He didn’t realize it at the time but getting injured turned out to be a blessing in disguise, inspiring him to become a serial entrepreneur. Today, there is nothing else that he would rather be doing.

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