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May 20, 2019,   3:09 PM

Google Bans Huawei From Android Updates

Hisham Ibrahim



The legal battles against giant Chinese mobile manufacturer, Huawei, have led to Google banning the company from using its Android or any related services in its new products.

More precicely, Huawei will no longer receive any updates for Android on its current and previous devices, and it will no longer be able to use Android on its new devices. It doesn’t stop there, even Huawei’s laptops, which run on Windows Operation System, will face the same issue.

In a small glance of hope, the lawsuit cannot rule to ban Huawei from using Open Source Software, such as Google’s own Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which contains the core of Android OS with fewer updates. Same goes with Windows Core, which is the open source version of Microsoft’s Windows OS.

Huawei seems to have foreseen this coming a while ago. It announced back in 2016 that it will start working on its own OS, which Huawei now says is ready to be used on its devices and support its hardware.

Whether based on a Linux Core, or based on AOSP, this means that Huawei’s users will no longer get support from Google and its related applications and services.

In China, this will not have much effect, as the Chinese government already bans the use of Google Play and any related services to Google. Chinese companies already use Chinese alternatives, but what about the rest of the world?

It may look like that this lawsuit is a protective measure taken by the American government to protect it from cyberattacks, but Huawei dominates 18.5% of the smartphone market and is ranked second after Samsung. If the company can survive this ban, it could be stronger than ever.

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