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Good Business leads to Global Impact: With Skyler Christensen and Kyle David Moffitt

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skyler and kyle

In a world that is seemingly becoming more selfish and more self-entitled, these two entrepreneurs wanted to be leaders in setting a new standard and eventual precedent for business leaders across the world… A standard of not only doing good business, but also the responsibility of having a positive global impact.

It’s no secret that the world is facing the toughest issues it has ever dealt with across the world. When Kyle and Skyler decided that they had had enough of meaningless work that only benefited themselves and their company, they came together through a mutual love for the environment. Both of them had been tremendous assets for their past businesses as strategist and sales people, and when they realized they had this mutual love for the planet, coming together to have a positive impact on the environment, was a no brainer.

Together they created a vision that would eventually lead them to founding Zoetic Solar, a company whose mission is to make the world a better place one family and one employee at a time.

In hopes of having a global impact, though, these two co-founders understand that it’s through the building of a healthy foundation that extraordinary things are achieved. In building that foundation, they focused on a few key principles that they believe will set them up to have an impact that is felt across the planet.


Controlling the Controllables

Kyle has always believed that it’s important to not worry about the things you can’t control. In the journey to have an extraordinary impact, it’s easy to get discouraged by all the things that are going wrong with our environment and the unsustainable practice of some individuals and companies.

It’s easy to get frustrated, pissed and stressed, and it’s a common mistake shared amongst those who have MASSIVE goals.

Kyle, though, believes that it’s essential to control the controllables. Not only that, but, whatever you can control... Do it better than everyone else.

“Keep the ball in your court,” he says, “growing up I loved extreme sports, from wakeboarding, sports bikes, skateboarding, hiking, skydiving, skiing even the extreme sport of salsa dancing! But my favorite part was not necessarily the rush, it was the ability to stay in control of my controllables despite the circumstances, that was so exhilarating to me, and it transferred over to my experience with sales and entrepreneurship.”

In sales and entrepreneurship, Kyle suggests, that instead of trying to control how many sales you make in a week, that you put your focus on controlling how much you prospect. When you put all your focus on how many people you talk to everyday, versus how many people you can get to say yes, you put more power and control in your hands. The sales start to flow and fall on your lap, because all the focus is making sure that the faucet stays on. As you gain experience, you start controlling how much training you do for certain parts of the sales process, the more training you do, the tighter your funnel becomes, and the better that your ratios get… But it all starts with focusing on controlling on the only thing you can control: the effort you put into prospecting for new people to serve and create business with.


Why would you quit?  

“I found my why when I realized how much of a no brainer it was to go solar,” Skyler smiled, “that, combined with the fact that our company was having a legitimate positive impact on the environment, I knew that I had found this ‘why’ that everyone has been talking about.”

Skyler began self developing through books like “Think and Grow Rich,” and the “Magic of Thinking Big,” at the young age of 18. He understood the concept of having a “why”, he knew he wanted to work hard for his current and future family, he knew he wanted to leave a legacy, but when he found his why within having a global impact through a sustainable energy solution, everything changed for him.

“I went from alarm sales, to coaching programs, to pest control… But my heart fell in love with solar, I knew that quitting on this industry wasn’t an option,” he states.

Find a why and don’t quit is Skyler’s principal and he vows to try and live by them everyday.

Visions United Under One Purpose

50/50 Partnership in business has always been discouraged. Egos can clash, responsibilities become distorted and the risk is equally as detrimental. However, when the two right people come together to build something, instead of the partnership being a handicap, it can work out to create an unstoppable force.

Skyler told us that Napoleon Hill defined The "MasterMind" as: "Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose,” He says that Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich and Laws of Success, also claims that, “No individual may have great power without availing himself of the "MasterMind."

“So, that’s what we did, we created a mastermind between us two. We got a clarity for our purpose and the action that it was going to take to get there and now we are committed to getting this done, together.

Skyler, with his experience in D2D, direct sales and team building and Kyle had a good eye for branding, marketing, and getting things done. The two came together to build what is now Zoetic Solar.

Zoetic Solar stands by being accountable, world class, and believe in doing their very best to empower employees and families. Simply put, their purpose is to inspire, progress, and empower. Zoetic Solar looks to show homeowners why it is easy and beneficial to get their power from the sun.

Skyler and Kyle both believe that challenging societal norms is what helps the world become a better place. If they can challenge their communities to think twice about getting their power from non-renewable, and often more expensive, sources, than they feel like they’re having the positive impact that they want to have.


The Ripple Effect

With these principles in mind, and with their unwavering belief in their product, Skyler and Kyle believe that the ripple effect is going to be much more powerful than the initial splash.

“Getting people excited about going solar and following through on what we said we were going to do, is really just the beginning,” Skyler continues, “when someone goes solar, and they have a positive experience… The likelihood that someone in their community goes solar, too, multiplies.”

That’s why Skyler and Kyle believe it is so important to follow through. “When you follow through, other people can witness the integrity of the company and the product, and the whole thing starts to take a life of its own. People start getting excited and talking about it, and that’s how real movements start… When you can get the collective excited about a new reality that is totally attainable for all who want it,” Kyle chuckled, “it all seems very profound, but it’s really simple. Have a mission that benefits others, follow through on what you say you’re going to do, get other people excited about talking about you. That’s the plan for world contribution.”


For more information on their story and what they’re up to, either email or message Skyler and Kyle on social media.

Instagram: @zoeticsolar @zoetic.tribe



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