January 9, 2019,   4:26 PM

Five Ways To Find Your Side Hustle

Tasnim Nazeer

Tasnim Nazeer is an award-winning journalist, author, and Universal Peace Federation Ambassador. She has written for The Huffington Post, CNN, BBC, and others. She was awarded the FIPP global network of media Rising Stars in Media Award 2018 and the Ibn Battuta Award for Excellence in Media 2013 for writing on a range of topics from business and entrepreneurship to human rights and world news. FULL BIO

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The demand for leveraging new ways to build multiple revenue streams tends to peak at the beginning of a new year. There are numerous ways that individuals can tap into their existing skills and talent to create side hustles that can bring in extra funds.

“There are many side hustle ideas that anyone can implement without much of an investment. From teaching English online to someone abroad, to becoming an Uber driver, to opening a drop shipping store, the opportunities are endless,” according to Brett Helling, a former Uber driver who now runs Ridester—a blog about ridesharing.

Here are five ways you could find your side hustle.

Develop an online course

Many freelancers and experts in a variety of industries are tapping into the increasingly popular online education market. If you have an expertise, skills or language that you could teach, you could develop and sell your own online courses through websites such as Udemy and Teachable.

Freelance in the digital space

If you have experience in writing, website development, social media or graphic design, you could sell your skills online in a freelance capacity, using platforms such as Upwork or PeopleperHour to advertise your skills and expertise.

Become an investor

Making investments in innovative projects can create passive income, with the right investment creating lucrative profits in the long run. Choose investments carefully, looking at up and coming sectors that have the potential to see long-term growth in the future.


Many of us have a story to tell or knowledge to impart, but have you ever considered how self-publishing your story may actually drive income? There are many self-publishing platforms such as Createspace by Amazon and Lulu that enable you to self-publish and sell your book on reputable online book publishers such as Barnes and Nobles and Amazon prime.


Many businesses have grown their offerings by running a blog. Any individual can create one of these, making it relevant to an industry sector and filling it with information that relates to a target audience. Blog posts can also be used as content for social media platforms, which can help to build a larger audience.

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