December 30, 2018,   2:01 PM

Facebook set up multi-year plans to fix Security Issues

Amany Zaher



Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who had a terrible year amid data use scandals, said that the social media giant has established multi-year plans to fix security issues.

Zuckerberg admitted also that the problems can never fully be solved as they're challenges against sophisticated adversaries and human nature.

He said in the Facebook post “We're a very different company today than we were in 2016, or even a year ago. We've fundamentally altered our DNA to focus more on preventing harm in all our services, and we've systematically shifted a large portion of our company to work on preventing harm. We now have more than 30,000 people working on safety and invest billions of dollars in security yearly”

He added “To be clear, addressing these issues is more than a one-year challenge. But in each of the areas I mentioned, we've now established multi-year plans to overhaul our systems and we're well into executing those roadmaps. In the past, we didn't focus as much on these issues as we needed to, but we're now much more proactive.

The Facebook Founder’s net worth declined more than $18.7 billion to reach around $52.5 billion this year to be the world’s biggest billionaire loser, amid the data use scandal in addition to Congress grilled Zuckerberg on Facebook’s data use, moreover the New York Times disclosed that Facebook paid a public affairs firm to promulgate negative information about George Soros, who had criticized the social media company.

Facebook tripled the size of their content review team to handle more complex cases that AI can't judge, and these systems take down 99% of the terrorist-related content.

Zuckerberg said “I've learned a lot from focusing on these issues and we still have a lot of work ahead. I'm proud of the progress we've made in 2018 and grateful to everyone who has helped us get here -- the teams inside Facebook, our partners and the independent researchers and everyone who has given us so much feedback. I'm committed to continuing to make progress on these important issues as we enter the New Year”.

He confirmed that “There are more than 2 billion people now use one of our services every single day to stay connected with the people who matter most in their lives. Hundreds of millions of people are part of communities they tell us to make up their most important social support”

 Also, People have come together using Facebook tools to raise more than $1 billion for causes and to find more than 1 million new jobs. More than 90 million small businesses use our tools, and more than half say they've hired more people because of them. Building community and bringing people together leads to a lot of good, and I'm committed to continuing our progress in these areas as well.


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