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September 10, 2019,   3:34 PM

With 79 Million Hashtags, Dubai Is Among The World's Most-Instagrammed Cities

Samar Khouri


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Source: Pixabay

Launched during the time when mobile photography was gaining popularity in 2010, Instagram soon became a platform to share images and videos. It successfully gained one million users in the first couple of months and surpassed more than 50 million users in two years. Now, it has attracted over a billion users and become a home for posting picture-perfect images, and videos.

With the explosion of the photo and video-sharing social networking service’s popularity, it seems as though ‘Instagrammability’ plays a vital role for millennials when hand-picking where to travel for the holidays. This is all thanks to filtered images that flawlessly exhibit stunning travel backdrops that fill their Instagram feeds daily.

According to Wego, more than 41% of people under 33 years of age prioritize ‘Insta-picture-worthiness’ when deciding the holiday destination. It comes as no surprise considering today’s image-propelled social media era.

New data from the MENA’s largest online travel marketplace revealed that Dubai is, in fact, one of the most Instagrammable holiday destinations and experiences for this summer alone. The city is well known for its desert oasis, soaring skyscrapers, and historical sites, so it's hard to avoid taking a few snaps here and there. 

 London was crowned the most Instagrammed city, gaining 118 million hashtags. France’s capital Paris came in second with a total of 101 million hashtags, beating Nice by a margin of 14 million. New York came in fourth while Dubai took the fifth spot, with 83 million and 79 million hashtags respectively.

Istanbul, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Moscow, and Tokyo were also top hashtags.

Apart from those instaworthy travel pictures, this year’s trends that show that twenty-somethings head to places where they carefully craft and post pictures of culinary delights. This applies to Dubai as it led the way for the most Instaworthy place on the planet for food. Wego's data showed that 26% of all the city’s hashtags were related to #food.

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