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May 8, 2019,   4:26 PM

Discover the Magical Beauty of Shanghai Draped in A Chanel Robe

Fouzia Azzab

Arabic editor- Forbes Middle East FULL BIO


The city of Shanghai is the next destination to host Mademoiselle Privé, Chanel’s revelatory exhibition. Taking place at the West Bund Art Center, the French haute couture house will hold its famous exhibition from April 20 to June 2.

Its subtropical climate that features four distinct seasons of sunny weather and warm rain made it a perfect venue for this year’s exhibition. Known for its cultural diversity, it attracts visitors from around the world.

Despite it being known for being over crowded – thanks to a large number of tourists - it doesn’t really pose an issue when it comes to commuting within the city.  The availability of accessible road and air transportation makes it more exciting to discover every street and corner within the big city whether by taking the bus, taxi or the metro.

The same crowds visit the city’s restaurants for the huge diversity in their dishes combining between the traditional cuisines of Beijing, Sichuan, Hunan, Guangzhou, and of course the famous local “Benbang” cuisine. 

Featuring some of channel’s exceptional items, the exhibition reveals the creative process of the works and standard quality of the fashion house in Shanghai, one of the biggest cities of China.

Chanel choosing the city to hold its exhibition wasn’t a mere coincidence. Dubbed “Paris of the Orient”, it attracts fashion lovers to its streets and shopping centers, especially in Huaihai Road that attracts those with more modern fashion sense. The flea market in Yuyuan remains to be the most crowded destinations, bustling with life 24/7.

Framed by the sea, Shanghai is located on the western coast of the pacific in the middle of China’s east coast. The city gained importance in the 19th century due to its location close to the main port. It became one of the early Chinese cities that were open for foreign trading.

The city is split into two parts, Puxi where there’s a huge number of various shops, restaurants, and monuments, and Pudong, east of the Huangpu river- the heart of high skyscrapers and modern high rises.

Shanghai has a wide range of places for both morning and nightlife activities, starting from night cruises in Huangpu river. As for art lovers, they can enjoy the oriental flavor of Shanghai Grand Theatre and Oriental Art Center. They can also visit the famous Shanghai museum. Built in 1952, it’s the most significant Chinese museum for classic Chinese art. And if you are looking for some winding down time, then the best choice for you is Hengshan and Xin Tian Di roads that offer a wide variety of night clubs and cafes. You can also visit Shanghai park, the Bund that extends along the Westbank of Huangpu River with a group of 52 unique buildings standing in various styles.

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