March 4, 2019,   10:22 AM

Digital Transformation Starts At The Top

Waleed Hmidan

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Ghassan Mirdad, President for the Eastern Middle East at Schlumberger, joined us for our digital trends event and took part on our Digital Transformation panel.

On the sidelines he spoke about how the world's largest oilfield services company ensures that digital transformation is implemented across the whole company.

“We start with ensuring that the CEO and executive management are all aligned and believe in [digital transformation] and then we make sure that the whole organization is aligned, and then we engage with them and empower them to make the change and we monitor the change and how the change happens,” he explained.

“The next thing is to make sure that we have the Schlumberger change management framework is applied to make sure that the people are all understanding what is digital transformation and how can we change the mindset. And last but not least is making sure we partner with the right companies who have the technical expertise to apply the digital transformation in our system the way we want the output to be.”

The leader also revealed the most important digital tool for him.

“In my role, I think making sure that the data is at my fingertips. When I see the data, I know what’s happening at that well site, at that location, in different countries that are under my jurisdiction,” he said. “The number two thing is collaboration. When you have more than 6,000 employees under you, how to collaborate, how to pass a message, how to be engaged with them is very important. Especially when you’re a company that is a people company.”

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