March 6, 2019,   5:31 PM

Digital Transformation Is A Strategic Discussion

Waleed Hmidan

Waleed is a filmmaker with a dozen short films in his filmography, some of which have been featured... FULL BIO

Asmae Lemniei, Managing Director at Lean X Consulting, joined us for our digital trends event and moderated a lively panel discussion on artificial intelliegence. On the sidelines she spoke about what transformation means to her and the role of exponential technology.

“It is really necessary to understand the future of the industry and what the disruptions are, and have the company have advantages and build new hyper-disruptive business models to be relevant in our digital world. For me this is digital transformation – it is more at a strategic level, than an IT siloed, technical implementation way, " Lemniei explained.

“I believe all exponential technology will have a role to play, so from AI and machine learning to synthetic biology, blockchain to nanotech. All exponential technologies and the conversion of the technologies will enable the companies of the future to find an abundant future and a future where they’ll be serving more and better their existing customers and the ones they want to acquire.”

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