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April 24, 2019,   2:09 PM

Best Tablets For Business In 2019

Hisham Ibrahim


apple ipad

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The days when tablets were slow, impractical and only used to show off are well and truly gone. Nowadays tablets could almost replace the performance of laptops, with the same features and more portability. However, there are a lot out there, and this could be confusing for users trying to find the right tablet for them.

Here we take a look at the best tablets for business use, which are available in 2019.

The best: Apple iPad Pro

Apple provide a vast variety of tablets, with different specs and sizes—you’ve just got to find what suits you. The best for business use—the iPad Pro—comes packed with a 12.9-inch screen. The screen size is just perfect for use, whether reading emails, giving a presentation or just browsing websites. An addition that might be useful is that this tablet supports the use of Apple Pencil, which is sold separately.

The best of Android: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Android is the most useful operating system for mobiles and tablets in the world, and the devices that run with it are uncountable. The best out there for business use is the icon, Galaxy Tab S3 by Samsung. Although its screen is a bit smaller that the iPad at 9.7 inches, the performance of the vast library of available apps is unmatchable.

The best of Windows: Lenovo ThinkPad X1

Windows, the most used OS, is now available in a small package. Add to it the improved capabilities of a Lenovo think pad, and you have the best performance so far. The device comes with a 12-inch screen, that offers a full Windows 10 Pro, which guarantees that most laptop and PC programs will run on your device perfectly.

The final choice might be hard, as all these devices are great, but the crucial point that may settle which device you go with, lies with the apps and software you want to use. As long as they are available on the operating system of that particular device, you are good to go.



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