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March 27, 2019,   3:18 PM

Bahrain Aiming To Roll-Out Commercial 5G By June

Claudine Coletti

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Bahrain could be one of the first countries in the world to provide commercial 5G services after announcing yesterday that it intends to roll it out in June this year.

According to the Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, mobile operators in the kingdom have already begun rolling out the necessary network infrastructure—all they need now are for consumer handsets and other equipment to be made available.

“There were a lot of hurdles along the way—ensuring spectrum availability as soon as possible was a big challenge—but overcoming these obstacles exemplifies the support and cooperation amongst all stakeholders and demonstrates how Bahrain can move quickly, deliver enormous progress against an accelerated timeframe, and be a partner to technology leaders,” said the Minister.

5G enables higher volumes of data to be transmitted at higher speeds, which means it can help to power new technologies such as virtual reality, which can lead to improved video streaming and high-end gaming, or autonomous vehicles, which can need up to 100Gb of data per second to operate. The global 5G services market is anticipated to grow from an estimated $60 billion in 2020 to an estimated $125 billion in 2025.

Successful commercial trials for 5G technology were held in Bahrain in June 2018.

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