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July 15, 2019,   3:15 PM

Automation Is A Better Solution To Monitor Data

Waleed Hmidan

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Toufic Saghbini, General Manager at Entelligence, explained at SmartEx Lebanon how automation leads to increased sales and data accuracy.

"Today, every company is seeking to expand its business, and that requires advanced systems. They want to sell and produce more and cut costs, which requires automation.

"If your data exists on paper or on an Excel sheet, it may easily become inaccurate and incorrect. To achieve accuracy, it will need to be examined by several employees and managers within the company. Automated systems guarantee accuracy and allow businesses to create e-commerce systems that increase profit.

"Firstly, we analyze sales, then we can reveal to the company how much their sales team impacted the market and how much of their impact was converted either into earnings or losses. And in case of a loss, we can discover the cause, enhance their product and recuperate."

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