Khadeeja Balkhi


2 years ago

Qatari Women In The Workplace

The last 10 years have seen many positive developments in the journey of Qatari women in the workplace believes Bothaina AlAnsari, Founder of Qatariat – a company specializing in helping Qatari women...
3 years ago

From Slums To Healthy Communities

The Middle East is a new case of urban development, said Farrukh Aslam, Managing Director, Promag Pvt Ltd, part of a regional urban planning, infrastructure design and project management group. Many...
3 years ago

Tourism Acts As A Positive Force For The Environment In MENA

"Guests are not demanding, but expecting to be in a hotel that is not mined full of environmental issues," said Otto Kurzendorfer, General Manager at Dubai-based JA Jebel Ali Resort. In 2015,...