Rajan Thapaliya

Rajan Thapaliya is a writer of several books and Former contributors of HuffPost. He is a Data Scientist who has also completed Business Analytics from Harvard Business School. He is an honorary member of the Rotary International Club.


1 week ago

5 Ways To Work Online

When you work for yourself, you are your own motivator and, as long as you have a laptop, you can work from anywhere with internet access.
1 week ago

How To Be More Focused On Achieving Your Goals

Everybody has something they are passionate about. For entrepreneurs specifically, they have a clear goal in mind. But with many distractions around us, our lack of focus is our undoing.
2 weeks ago

Top Five Qualities To Be A Successful Boss

You are the one that people go to for permission, which puts you in control of every situation. So what does it take to be successful?