Sergei Klebnikov


1 day ago

Apple, Google, Nike And Other Big Stocks Just Hit All-Time Highs. Here’s Why.

With the market near records, many stocks have surged as well.
1 day ago

Stocks Rise On Solid Economic Data, Despite Looming China Tariff Deadline

Trade news will make or break the market’s December rally.
1 week ago

Wall Street Just Hit New Record Highs. Here’s Why.

The latest data points to a resilient U.S. economy.
2 weeks ago

Here’s Everything To Know About Airbnb’s 2020 IPO—Which Could Be Nontraditional

Airbnb said last month that it plans to go public in 2020, though the company hasn’t confirmed whether it would, like Spotify and Slack, opt for a direct listing.
2 months ago

With Its Stock Hitting An All-Time High, Here’s Why Nike Is So Dominant

Gaining momentum, Nike stock can “just do it.”
2 months ago

How Snapchat Became The Best-Performing Tech Stock In 2019

SNAP is up almost 200% this year.