Marga Hoek

Marga Hoek is a global thought-leader on sustainable business, international speaker and the author of The Trillion Dollar Shift.


1 week ago

Changing The Tax System For A Better Planet

What we invest in grows and what we tax diminishes. And, where the environment is concerned, remembering this could help to save the planet.
By Marga Hoek 3 min read
3 weeks ago

The Best Of Both Worlds: Why You Don’t Have To Choose Between Revenue And Sustainability

Shared value investing means that creating multiple values, on both financial and societal return for multiple stakeholders, does not damage profits but secures them.
By Marga Hoek 8 min read
4 weeks ago

4 Sustainable Growth Markets In MENA

Although opportunities differ enormously throughout MENA, the following four key growth markets are expected to have a total value of over $637 billion by 2030.
By Marga Hoek 3 min read
1 month ago

4 Sustainable Growth Markets In MENA

MENA has been facing tremendous societal and economic challenges, and there is now an awareness among these countries that they need to diversify their economies and capitalize on new opportunities...
By Marga Hoek 3 min read
2 months ago

Scaling Up Business For Good

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) need business and capital as much as business and capital need the goals. Solving the world’s biggest challenges is actually as good for business as it...
By Marga Hoek 13 min read
3 months ago

10 Of The World’s Most Innovative Green Companies

If business leaders use their power and scale to positively influence the environment and eliminate negative impacts, then we will be well on our way to a sustainable future.
By Marga Hoek 7 min read