Michael Nuñez


2 weeks ago

It Took Twitter 18 Long Minutes To Recover CEO Jack Dorsey's Hacked Account

Jack Dorsey's unauthorized tweets were broadcast to more than 4 million users and sent Twitter into a frenzy. 
By Michael Nuñez 4 min read
1 month ago

Facebook Joins Other Tech Giants In Employing Journalists To Curate News

With the move, Facebook is part of a growing trend across the tech industry that is struggling to dispel misinformation. 
By Michael Nuñez 13 min read
1 month ago

How Facebook Cofounder Chris Hughes Made (And Spent) His Fortune

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes, worth more than $400 million, spent much of the last decade spending parts of his fortune on forays in journalism and civic projects.
By Michael Nuñez 8 min read
2 months ago

Facebook Libra Chief Promises to Work With Regulators Prior To Launching Cryptocurrency

The social network announced Libra in June as a tool intended to make it easier for people to send money around the world quickly and cheaply.
By Michael Nuñez 12 min read