Sreedhar Bevara

Sreedhar is an alumna of IIM Ahmedabad and is currently General Manager at Panasonic. Sreedhar’s latest book "Moment of Signal" was launched in New York City in 2018.


2 weeks ago

What It Means To Care When Managing Company Culture

The culture of an organization is reflected through the overall behavior, approach, and actions of the employees, with each other as well as the external partners in the value chain.
1 month ago

Understanding Motive: The Difference Between Success and Failure

What motivates you determines your actions and who you become. 
2 months ago

How The Art Of Leadership Lies In Readiness To Respond

Paying attention to moments of signals doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will succeed at every effort. However, it can only help in dealing with the situations better and that must be the core...
3 months ago

Are You A Champion Or A Challenger?

There’s no champion without a challenger inside, and there’s no challenger without the dream of being a champion.
5 months ago

How To Succeed: Talent Is A Vital Quality, But So Are Environment And Attitude

Human potential cannot be unlocked on its own. It needs either a trigger point or a driving cause. Full potential can be achieved only with effort.
5 months ago

How To Follow Your Signals To Leadership

As a leader, the path to growth is surrounded on all sides with signals. Not only on the outside, but also inside of us.