Abram Brown


3 months ago

The Tragedy Behind The Death of Former Billionaire V.G. Siddhartha, India’s Coffee King

V.G. Siddhartha founded India’s largest coffee-shop chain, Coffee Day Enterprises, a $572 million-in-sales business that persuaded a country raised on tea to consume something else.
By Abram Brown 17 min read
4 months ago

The Moon Market: Inside The Multimillion-Dollar Craze For Space And Apollo 11 Collectibles

On September 17 in New York, London-based Bonhams is holding an “Air and Space” auction that will include a Russian test model Sputnik satellite.
By Abram Brown 25 min read
7 months ago

The Outlandish Story Of Ollie’s: A $5 Billion Retail Empire That Sells Nothing Online (But Is Beating Amazon)

Ollie’s is very possibly the only company in America whose brick-and-mortar stores are not just surviving but thriving. Nonetheless,  sales have doubled in four years.
By Abram Brown 46 min read