Jamila Gandhi


1 week ago

Billionaires Who Skyrocketed After 40

Not all founders started out in dorm rooms and garages when they were barely 20. These five billionaires show it’s never too late to start out on your own.
By Jamila Gandhi 7 min read
2 weeks ago

How Amazon, Google And Other Popular Brands Got Their Names

When the Google founders were first working on their massive data index website, they temporarily named it “BackRub”.
By Jamila Gandhi 8 min read
2 weeks ago

The World’s Richest Man Started At McDonald’s—Here’s What He Learnt

Amongst many singers, actors and successful entrepreneurs that once had McDonald’s in their resume, is Amazon founder and multi-billionaire, Jeff Bezos.
By Jamila Gandhi 2 min read
2 weeks ago

4 Facebook Employees Who Are Now Billionaires

Mark Zuckerberg's aren’t the only brains behind Facebook. These four unsung heroes have also been propelled to the billionaire club.
By Jamila Gandhi 6 min read
3 weeks ago

4 Billionaires Giving Their Fortunes Away To Charity, Not Their Kids

Fueled by the desire to save the world and have their offspring learn the value of money, these four billionaires are funding good causes rather than large inheritances.
By Jamila Gandhi 6 min read
3 weeks ago

3 Billionaires With Enviable Car Collections

Mercedes Maybach is a common denominator in the billionaire club.
By Jamila Gandhi 3 min read
3 weeks ago

These 3 Billionaires Found Success After Being Rejected From Harvard

These three billionaires show the power of resilience and how a disaster can prove to be an opportunity in disguise.
By Jamila Gandhi 6 min read
4 weeks ago

These Billionaires Started Out Selling Garbage Bags, Shampoo And Newspapers

While many of the wealthiest on Forbes’ list operate in varied fields, there is a common profession that keeps coming up, Sales
By Jamila Gandhi 6 min read