Pamela Ambler


3 weeks ago

Philippine Conglomerate Ayala Doubles Down On Myanmar Through Yoma Strategic

Two Southeast Asian business tycoons join forces again.
By Pamela Ambler 5 min read
1 month ago

Borderless Investing: Eduardo Saverin and Raj Ganguly Grow B Capital

Eduardo Saverin and Rajarshi "Raj" Ganguly are two of the three cofounders of B Capital Group, a venture capital firm with close to $800 million, split between a first and a second fund (still being...
By Pamela Ambler 10 min read
8 months ago

Kevin Johnson Accelerates Starbucks Expansion Across Asia Amid Intensifying Competition

"It’s over 1,200 times the opportunity size as the U.S. in terms of consumption,” says Starbucks chief Kevin Johnson. But the company is going up against some formidable competitors.
By Pamela Ambler 5 min read