Dawn Chmielewski


1 month ago

Disney CEO Bob Iger Exits Apple’s Board As Two Companies Prepare To Launch Competing Streaming Services

Disney CEO Bob Iger has departed Apple’s board of directors, as the two companies prepare to launch competing streaming services this fall.
2 months ago

Hold On To Your Mouse Ears— Disney’s Cranking Up The Promotion For The Disney+ Streaming Service

Disney will entice D23 attendees to subscribe to the Disney+ streaming service by offering a discount for those who make a three-year commitment.
2 months ago

CBS And Viacom Announce Plans To Merge, Finally Fulfilling Shari Redstone's Dream On 3rd Try

Viacom has a market cap of $11.9 billion while the acquiring company, CBS, is valued at $18.3 billion; the combined company will have more than $28 billion in revenue.
3 months ago

It’s Alive! Facebook’s Surprising Video Standout Is A Horror Movie Startup

Crypt TV is a digital studio that aspires to become the Marvel of monsters for mobile. Jack Davis, 27, has raised $11 million from investors.
4 months ago

Netflix Rival HBO Max To Launch Next Year With ‘Friends’

The service, which launches commercially in the spring of 2020, will be anchored in HBO’s premium content and will feature exclusive originals.
5 months ago

Elisabeth Murdoch’s Digital Video Studio Finds Snapchat Success Isn’t Enough

Elisabeth Murdoch was early to recognize the potential of mobile video in reaching an audience captivated by their smartphone devices.
5 months ago

Disney’s Bob Iger Explains Why Gaining Full Operational Control Of Hulu Advances The Entertainment Giant’s Streaming Strategy

Iger said Hulu represents the third prong of Disney’s streaming strategy, with the adult-focused service augmenting the company’s other direct-to-consumer offerings. 
6 months ago

Esports Organization Immortals Closes $30 Million Fundraising Round, Acquires Brazilian Game Matchmaking Platform

The company, which owns the Los Angeles Valiant esports team, is positioning itself to capitalize on the increasingly mainstream phenomenon of professional video game play.