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Cairo-based fashion, culture and lifestyle journalist that believes in the underrated potential of regional craftsmanship and inspiring individuals who aim to create a better tomorrow.


5 months ago

New York Design Week Showcases One of Egypt’s Ancient Crafts

Last month, at New York Design Week's “Wanted Design” exhibition, 13 Egyptian designers set about showcasing the country’s talents in product design.
By Nayera Yasser 4 min read
6 months ago

How This Ethical Fashion Startup Is Helping Egyptian Farmers

Canada-based fashion brand, Kotn, sources all of the cotton for its simple basics clothing line directly from Egyptian farmers. But its founders sought a deeper calling. 
By Nayera Yasser 12 min read
9 months ago

Fighting For Copyright Protection In Egypt

Egyptian family-owned business, Azza Fahmy Jewellery, has had to reinvent its methods multiple times. Nonetheless, the brand's biggest challenge has proved to be countering copiers.
By Nayera Yasser 7 min read
1 year ago

The Rebirth Of Indian Handloom Craftsmanship

Standing behind the camera, directing an extended crew towards a bigger picture, he suddenly found himself amid of an expedition to rediscover his mother's universe. As a proud member of the film and...
By Nayera Yasser 11 min read
1 year ago

Palestinian Biotech Scientist Generates $500,000 Using Camel Milk

Dressed in her regular lab coat and surrounded by papers that document her shrewd pursuit to cure humanity – it was one regular day in 2007 when a Bedouin man walked into her office and paved her...
By Nayera Yasser 9 min read
1 year ago

This Startup Is Helping Middle East’s Female Refugees By Reviving An Ancient Craft

As dawn breaks, calls to prayers resound within the neighborhood followed by children buzzing between their homes and the UNRWA school. In 1968 this neighborhood, which is better known as Gaza camp...
By Nayera Yasser 9 min read