Angel Au-Yeung


1 month ago

Jeff Bezos Unloads Another $990 Million Worth Of Amazon Shares In Early August

As the richest man on earth, Bezos is now worth an estimated $110.1 billion, using Monday’s closing share price for Amazon.
By Angel Au-Yeung 1 min read
1 month ago

Jeff Bezos Sells About $1.8 Billion Worth of Amazon Shares in Three Days

Bezos sold slightly more than 900,000 shares of Amazon between July 29 and July 31, when the e-commerce behemoth’s stock price was around $1,900 a share.
By Angel Au-Yeung 5 min read
8 months ago

This Japanese Billionaire Has The Most Popular Tweet Of All Time

On January 5, a Japanese rock musician turned e-commerce billionaire sent out the most retweeted tweet of all time, with 5.6 million retweets.
By Angel Au-Yeung 7 min read