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3 weeks ago

An Insider's Take On Ultimate Software's $11 Billion Private Equity Takeover

In February, Ultimate Software was sold to Hellman & Friedman for $11 billion, or $331.50 a share.
By Antoine Gara 28 min read
3 weeks ago

Kraft Heinz Plunges After $15 Billion Writedown, Dividend Cut And SEC Probe

On Thursday evening, shares in the heavily indebted company plunged nearly 20% after it revealed a trifecta of issues. 
By Antoine Gara 8 min read
1 month ago

This Startup Is Creating A Real-Time Data Map Of The Global Economy. BlackRock And PayPal Are Buying It

Enigma is the brainchild of Hicham Oudghiri and Marc DaCosta. Their startup organizes information from thousands of sources around the world into a single, fully linked interface.
By Antoine Gara 22 min read
2 months ago

Warren Buffett, Down $4.3B In A Day, Was Right To Downplay Berkshire's Apple Gains

Warren Buffett’s $36 billion-plus investment in Apple soared to nearly $60 billion in value in October before then plunging 38% in 90 days.
By Antoine Gara 9 min read
3 months ago

The 15-Year Odyssey Behind VMware's Ascent To Corporate Greatness

VMware began with an idea to increase the power of computers and servers by running multiple systems on a single station.
By Antoine Gara 17 min read