Paulius Stankevicius

Paulius Stankevicius is a PR and advertising executive and CEO and Founder of Stankevicius MGM, a PR and advertising consulting firm.


4 days ago

If You Want Customers In 2020, Speedy Service Delivery Is A Must

The world is moving fast, and so are businesses, financial markets, and brands. Today, people are addicted to speed, including fast internet and instant service.
2 weeks ago

How Media Is Your Key To Going Global

Reaching out to audiences through media has never been as important as it is now.
3 months ago

When PR Matters The Most: Building Trust Through Philanthropy

An initiative such as a philanthropic act is not considered to be marketing or a sponsored activity, but it builds a sharp public image for a company.
4 months ago

When PR Matters The Most: Mergers And Acquisitions

In M&A, PR plays a vital role between the buying and the selling parties. Whether it’s a friendly or offensive overtake, the communication strategy is vital.
7 months ago

How To Take Your Business Public With PR And Advertising

When going public, advertising is one of the key marketing points for building a strong and compelling brand that stands out.
10 months ago

How To Build A Campaign By Merging PR And Advertising

The first thing consumers do after seeing an ad is either ignore it or Google it. If it’s going to be Google, make sure they find your company's best selling points.
1 year ago

How To Use Advertising And PR For ‘Sophisticated’ Client Acquisitions

When asked about new acquisition methods, most successful business executives will always have grand stories on how they worked on getting on board a difficult client. But nobody in the industry will...
1 year ago

How To Make Corporate B2B Advertising More Impactful

Advertising in the B2B sphere is becoming more complicated, here are some pointers on making it more effective.