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Dawn Metcalfe

Dawn Metcalfe is a workplace culture advisor, author and speaker, and Managing Director of PDSi which helps individuals, teams and organisations drive behavioural and cultural change.


2 months ago

Is It Easy To Change Culture? No – And That’s Why Many Leaders Overlook It

Literally everything you say and do has an impact on the culture - and so does that of everyone else. That’s what makes it hard.
By Dawn Metcalfe 9 min read
3 months ago

How To Create A Culture Of Complex Innovation

What is innovation? Stop thinking about it as a buzzword and instead think about the opportunities it presents to your business. 
By Dawn Metcalfe 9 min read
4 months ago

7 Ways You Can Shape A No Fear Culture

Every person in a group shapes the culture to some extent. What can you do to shape yours so it’s future-proof and not just ready for change but creating it? 
By Dawn Metcalfe 13 min read
4 months ago

What Is A No Fear Culture And Why Should You Have One?

It is difficult to develop and successfully manage a culture that matches your goals. It is possible to change behavior but it takes a lot of hard work. Is it worth it?  
By Dawn Metcalfe 13 min read
6 months ago

How To Let Someone Go In The Right Way

When it comes to having a difficult conversation, remember to not just make it easier in the moment, but to focus on the longer-term gains.
By Dawn Metcalfe 8 min read
7 months ago

Combating Fear To Create Positivity At Work

How can we learn to speak up in the office in a way that builds relationships and leads to positive change? 
By Dawn Metcalfe 5 min read
9 months ago

How To Channel Conflict Into Change

If we want to make better decisions, we need to be able to hear others tell us when they think we’re wrong.
By Dawn Metcalfe 7 min read
10 months ago

How To Show And Get Respect, Wherever And Whoever You Are

Working in one of the most multicultural places in the world can cause communication issues. The trick is to understand what respect means to the person you are communicating with.  
By Dawn Metcalfe 7 min read