Christopher Helman


4 months ago

Amid Glut, American Oilfields Are On Sale

In an all-stock deal announced today, Callon Petroleum is acquiring Carrizo Resources for $3.2 billion, about $13 per share. 
5 months ago

The New Nuclear: How A $600 Million Fusion Energy Unicorn Plans To Beat Solar

Some A-list names—including the Rockefellers, Charles Schwab and Buzz Aldrin—are chasing the sun at fusion-energy firm TAE Technologies.
6 months ago

Warren Buffett Backs Oxy’s Vicki Hollub In $57 Billion Bid For Anadarko Petroleum

Warren Buffett has teamed up with Occidental Petroleum to lend support to its $57 billion ($75 per share) bid for Anadarko Petroleum.
10 months ago

How Algorithms Are Taking Over Big Oil

Energy companies like Shell and BP are investing billions to bring artificial intelligence to new refineries, oilfields and deepwater drilling platforms. 
11 months ago

Elon Musk Said Tesla Was 'Single-Digit Weeks' From Death - Where Are The Disclosures?

There is no obligation to disclose developments on a day-to-day basis unless there is a duty to disclose, experts say.