Christopher Helman


2 months ago

Amid Glut, American Oilfields Are On Sale

In an all-stock deal announced today, Callon Petroleum is acquiring Carrizo Resources for $3.2 billion, about $13 per share. 
3 months ago

The New Nuclear: How A $600 Million Fusion Energy Unicorn Plans To Beat Solar

Some A-list names—including the Rockefellers, Charles Schwab and Buzz Aldrin—are chasing the sun at fusion-energy firm TAE Technologies.
4 months ago

Warren Buffett Backs Oxy’s Vicki Hollub In $57 Billion Bid For Anadarko Petroleum

Warren Buffett has teamed up with Occidental Petroleum to lend support to its $57 billion ($75 per share) bid for Anadarko Petroleum.
8 months ago

How Algorithms Are Taking Over Big Oil

Energy companies like Shell and BP are investing billions to bring artificial intelligence to new refineries, oilfields and deepwater drilling platforms. 
9 months ago

Elon Musk Said Tesla Was 'Single-Digit Weeks' From Death - Where Are The Disclosures?

There is no obligation to disclose developments on a day-to-day basis unless there is a duty to disclose, experts say.