Elena Agaragimova


3 days ago

Having A High IQ Isn’t Enough: Two Ways To Stand Out

Why is it that some people make it to the top while others lag behind? The key to success is the ability to manage yourself and those around you—also known as emotional intelligence.
6 days ago

How To Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. If it doesn't change you, it doesn't help you grow.
1 week ago

Two Steps You Must Take To Ensure This Year Is A Success

As you begin this year with a fresh page to create the life that you want, take time to get the most out of your career, starting today.
1 month ago

How To Stay Agile In Your Career Once You’ve Reached The Top

Laser focus on a specific role in a specific industry is no longer an option. You need to be aware of other industries and how you could be a good fit.
1 month ago

Career Change: Why Creating A CV Should Be The Last Step

Career change can be challenging, but if you are ready for a change then it is important to take the right steps to make that change happen.
1 month ago

How To Stay Relevant In Your Career

You need to take responsibility for your own career development. Leaving your personal and professional development to an external party is a sure way to be left behind.
1 month ago

Skills For Tomorrow’s Leaders

Students young and old need new skills today that can help aid survival in a cutthroat job market. Future leaders need to acquire abilities that go beyond classroom basics.
1 month ago

Why Having A Growth Mindset Is Essential For Success In Life And Work

People that have a growth mindset are more resilient, hardworking and believe in collaboration with others.