Sohail Khan


1 week ago

How To Hack Into Your Creativity In 30 Minutes A Day

Everyone can be inventive and original in their own way. Your creativity is inside you now. Perhaps it’s just waiting for you to tap into it.
By Sohail Khan 8 min read
1 month ago

6 Ways To Achieve Excellence In Sales

All of us are selling something all the time.  Whether we're attempting to negotiate with a co-worker, get to know a neighbour, or selling million-dollar real estate projects. 
By Sohail Khan 7 min read
1 month ago

10 Steps To The Perfect Social Media Plan

Here are 10 steps to ensure that you have the perfect social media plan for doing business online.
By Sohail Khan 9 min read
2 months ago

How To Turn Your Business Competitors Into Business Collaborators

It is amazing how many business owners view similar businesses strictly as “competitors” and not “collaborators”. And it’s sad that these same business professionals throw away some of the best...
By Sohail Khan 10 min read