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Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan is the bestselling author of Guerrilla Marketing and Joint Ventures. He's a joint venture expert, entrepreneur, investor, and business mentor. He has launched and exited several seven- and eight-figure business ventures.


1 week ago

How Your Elevator Pitch Can Boost Your Networking Skills

Networking is all about making it easier for people to recommend one another. Few people go to a networking event to buy. Most, in fact, go to sell themselves.
By Sohail Khan 6 min read
1 month ago

10 Ways To Perfectly Manage Your Time At Work

Time management is integral to optimize your productivity. Here are 10 ways on how to manage your time on a daily basis.
By Sohail Khan 9 min read
2 months ago

How To Determine If You Really Need a Business Coach

Coaching is not for everyone. Here are a few important questions to ask yourself before making your decision.
By Sohail Khan 8 min read
3 months ago

How To Bring Your Ideas To Life With Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a popular technique for visually outlining information. It can be simple or elaborate,  but either way it can help you to turn your great ideas into concrete actions.
By Sohail Khan 6 min read
4 months ago

How To Negotiate Anything And Win

Negotiation evokes complex feelings that many seek to avoid and yet it is fundamental to how business gets done. To succeed in business you need to become good negotiator.
By Sohail Khan 7 min read
4 months ago

10 Ways To Increase Your Podcasting Power

While it is possible to hire companies to produce your finished podcasts for you, the best approach is to start out simple and add a few easy tricks to your mix.
By Sohail Khan 8 min read
5 months ago

How To Hack Into Your Creativity In 30 Minutes A Day

Everyone can be inventive and original in their own way. Your creativity is inside you now. Perhaps it’s just waiting for you to tap into it.
By Sohail Khan 8 min read
6 months ago

6 Ways To Achieve Excellence In Sales

All of us are selling something all the time.  Whether we're attempting to negotiate with a co-worker, get to know a neighbour, or selling million-dollar real estate projects. 
By Sohail Khan 7 min read