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4 days ago

Bill Gates Again World’s Second-Richest Person After One Day Behind Arnault

After one day as the world’s third-richest person, Bill Gates has hopped back to the No. 2 spot. Still ahead of him: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.
3 weeks ago

Rags-To-Riches Billionaire David Walentas To Donate $100 Million To University Of Virginia, Helping First-Generation Students

The real estate titan is making his biggest donation ever to his alma mater, setting up scholarships for students who are the first in their family to attend college, just as he was.
4 months ago

Gym Teacher-Turned-Hotelier Gary Tharaldson Becomes North Dakota’s First Billionaire

37 years after Tharaldson bought his first Super 8 motel in 1982, the hotelier ranks as a billionaire, making him the first and only one in North Dakota.
By Carter Coudriet 15 min read
6 months ago

Zuckerberg, Ballmer Gain Combined $5.1 Billion After Strong Microsoft, Facebook Earnings

Altogether the value of Facebook and Microsoft shares held by 27 billionaires rose $7.4 billion, thanks to the strong earnings reports.
By Carter Coudriet 12 min read
7 months ago

A Convenient Fortune: Soaring Stock Of Circle K’s Parent Company Creates New Billionaire

With Canadian convenience store chain Couche-Tard’s stock trading at all-time highs, cofounder Richard Fortin joins the ranks of the world’s billionaires.
By Carter Coudriet 12 min read
8 months ago

Richest Cities In The World: The Top 10 Cities With The Most Billionaires

People with ten-digit fortunes can live pretty much anywhere they want. As it turns out, many like the same spots.
By Carter Coudriet 24 min read