Nathan Vardi


4 months ago

Ryan Williams, 30, Started A Revolutionary $800M Fintech. But Can He Escape His Kushner-Trump Connection?

Ryan Williams, is the founder of startup, Cadre, where investors can buy stakes in properties without the double fees charged by traditional property investment firms.
By Nathan Vardi 47 min read
6 months ago

The Hedge Fund Manager Who Bucked The Trend And Became A Billionaire

Forbes has been tracking Talpins’ wealth for years and now estimates that he is worth $1.7 billion. He is appearing on Forbes’ list of billionaires for the first time.
By Nathan Vardi 8 min read
6 months ago

Carl Icahn’s Comeback: The Raider Rebounds After A Tough Stretch

At 83, Icahn is not the only high-profile trader who has been humbled by the market in recent years, but unlike most hedge fund managers Icahn made money in 2018.
By Nathan Vardi 5 min read
10 months ago

Brian Armstrong, CEO Of Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase, Becomes A Billionaire

While more than $600 billion of cryptocurrency wealth has been wiped out in the last several months, the man who facilitates a big chunk of the nation’s cryptocurrency trading has become a...
By Nathan Vardi 5 min read