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4 weeks ago

Zoom Gets Into Hardware (Sort Of) By Backing Neat, An Oslo Startup Targeting Its Customers

Cloud-based video conference company Zoom is making a surprise move into hardware—sort of. Here's why it's invested in an Oslo-based startup catering to its customer base called Neat.
By Alex Konrad 6 min read
1 month ago

One Of New York’s Top Seed Investors Takes On Outside Capital For The First Time

BoxGroup, one of NY's most prolific seed-stage investment firms, is taking on outside investors for the first time for two new $82.5 million venture capital funds.
By Alex Konrad 10 min read
1 month ago

GitLab More Than Doubles Valuation To $2.75 Billion Ahead Of Planned 2020 IPO

GitLab's CEO says he's going public on November 18, 2020. Investors love it, pouring in $268 million at a $2.75 billion valuation.
By Alex Konrad 7 min read
3 months ago

Medallia Shares Soared 76% In First-Day Trading. Here's What Its CEO Had To Say About The IPO 'Pop'

After pricing its offering at a higher-than-expected $21 per share on Thursday night, shares of Medallia raced up 76%, finishing its first day of trading at $37.05 a share.
By Alex Konrad 23 min read
4 months ago

The Slack Public Listing’s Surprise Winners: Other Startup CEOs

Even by Silicon Valley standards, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield is a master of fundraising. Tech’s buzziest office-messaging app raised $1.27 billion over the last decade.
By Alex Konrad 25 min read
5 months ago

This Startup Is Bringing Circuit Breakers Out Of Dusty Basements And Into The 21st Century

Atom Power has so far raised about $10 million in financing and has preorders that the company is ramping up production to meet.
By Alex Konrad 8 min read
5 months ago

TransferWise, A Profitable FinTech Unicorn, Spurns IPO For Rare All- Secondary Sale $3.5 Billion Valuation

Financial tech startup TransferWise announced on Wednesday it raised $292 million in the secondary sale, bringing its funding to $689 million to date.
By Alex Konrad 12 min read
6 months ago

Meet Matt Calkins: Billionaire, Board Game God And Tech's Hidden Disruptor

I feel like I should apologize,” Matt Calkins tells his opponent as they shake hands. It’s mid-evening in the log-lined cafeteria at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort, and Calkins, from a trailing...
By Alex Konrad 12 min read